Layton Allotments

Yesterday, 2C had a fantastic (if a little damp) trip to the allotments. We got to learn about the vegetables they were growing there and noted them down as we spotted them, saw a beehive, dug up some fresh potatoes, planted some seeds and even got a taste of honey! What a brilliant afternoon it was!

Today, Lucienna brought in some apple and rhubarb tarts that she had made with her gran using fruit from the allotments – delicious!!!

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This week, for our ‘Space’ topic, we have started to research astronauts. We’ve found out lots of interesting information so far and are going to use this to write a non-chronological report. What was the most interesting fact you found?

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2016-05-05 22.18.17

Today, we enjoyed our second archery session. After practising our stance again, we focussed on power. Some of the class even hit the centre of the target! What have you learnt in archery so far?